START 🚇 Documenting the RT

Snap Transit in Action 📸 Supported by the VIBE Arts’ ScotiaRISE Program During March 2023, this initiative documented the RT through a 4-week program covering photography basics, archival research, transit advocacy and more. From Oct. 1 - 16, check out our exhibit - Farewell RT, at the Scarborough Civic Centre. The photographs displayed in this installation represent a portion of the work created during the program's run. To see more photos, view the map!

Golden (Mile) Memories - 2022 City of Toronto Cultural Hotspot SPARK Project

Look back at our outdoor pop-up photo gallery in Ashtonbee Reservoir Park!

Highlighting the history of ...


We aim to reactivate public spaces in a new way - exploring parks & the city while learning more about land history (using public data sourced from historical archives, community organizations, and you!)

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Mapping our stories

We want our communities to learn and share their history. Using a photo map that anyone can browse and explore, these stories will be more accessible

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History is all around us, it's nearby

Discover things you didn’t know about the city’s past with a photo web map.



renewed focus on public greenspaces

expansion into Scarborough

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Our awesome features

A picture is worth a thousand words

Using over 33,000 photos sourced* from the City of Toronto Archives, Toronto Public Library, and community members will be displayed on a web map, free for anyone to view and interact with. *this work leverages the efforts made by the previous team behind OldTO open-source project from 2018

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Discover something new about your area

Any users can navigate to any park or neighbourhood using an open-source map tool, offering block-by-block browsing of historic Toronto photographs and community submissions

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Empower communities to tell their story

There are many memories not found in archives waiting to be shared - in addition to historical photos we are actively seeking submissions from the community.

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*Storytelling with AR

*in development AR = Augmented Reality In addition to the photo map, park-goers will be able to use their mobile device and see a historical photo overlaid onto its present location (similar to how Pokemon GO uses a phone's camera to overlay a Pokemon in front of the user)

Morrish Parkette (2021/1948)

Image Credits: Nithursan Elamuhilan (2021 photo); (1948 photo)

Our awesome features

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